Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The replacement truck was finally paid off!

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog.

My kids and I went through the toughest winter of our lives last year having to make that $400 payment to replace the ice cream truck. I finally made the last payment in February 2013.

Winters are always tough for us financially but I am so grateful this winter to have my replacement truck in the garage, and every little penny that comes our way now, is so much more appreciated than ever before.

I think I might get busy and try and write my book "Adventures of the Ice Cream Lady" this winter.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Benefit was held Uncle Sam's Bar and Grill Monday night, generated $650 dollars

Monday evening at Uncle Sam's Bar and Grill, approximately 4-5 dozen people showed up to support the benefit given in behalf of Laurie Meade.

The benefit was intended to help raise funds for Laurie to replace her beloved Blue Jean's Ice Cream Truck, which was stolen out of her driveway the night after Christmas of 2011.

Laurie generated over $100 on her own before the benefit by selling prepaid customized Ice Cream Punch Cards. She also said she had put over $200 of her regular monthly budget into expenses related to promoting the benefit, including ink for her printer, paper, and gas to get around to the businesses that donated to the benefit.

She said that money was from that which normally would have gone toward her cable and power bill, but she was able to get them to work with her and double up those payments the first of next month.

Laurie was overwhelmed with emotion, about the kindness and generosity of the people that were there.

She said there may have been a bigger turnout but someone pointed out to her today, that the date of the benefit was not printed on the top of the flyer about the details.

She told how exhausted she was having worked through the even and most of the night, editing the flyer and newsletter, and promoting and spreading the fliers during the day.

No one pointed out that the only date about the benefit on the flyer was in small print in the box of the articles from Tacoma Weekly printed on the backside of the promotional flyer.

She told about a women and man, a retired couple, who when asked at the door to donate, $1 or more to the benefit cause said, "I don't want to give you a dollar, I want to give Laurie a check!" They then proceed ed to write her a check for $200." She said later that evening during the auction bidding , the same couple spent $70 dollars on one of the items being auctioned. They left shortly after that, the woman joking with Laurie, saying, we better leave now before we lose our house!

Laurie was so appreciative of the kindness and generosity of the small group of people at the benefit.

She handed out copies of her new newsletter/newspaper, The Blue Jeans Ice Cream Times, which has advertisements and an article listing all the companies who donated to support the benefit.

Laurie plans on updating it every few weeks and passing it out off her new ice cream truck once she gets going again, but leaving ads in it from the donors through several issues of the newsletter at no charge to the benefit donating businesses.

She says this is one way she can give back and pay forward the kindness they have bestowed on her and her family.

Laurie also said that there is still a long way to go, but she is hopeful now. It is a start.

She also said she wished someone could schedule a time and event  that could be attended by families with children, as there were many who wanted to show support but couldn't attend because the benefit was at a bar.
 Here is the link if you would like to donate to the  Blue Jean's Ice Cream Truck Donation Fund.

     We are counting on funds now from this website to help reach our goal!

Today there was also a new lead in a maybe siting of the stolen vehicle.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Benefit Promotion Flyer With the Band Details. Print it Out and Post it in Your Neigborhood!

Hi everyone. The flyer is a little late because the guy who runs the band had his laptop stolen. He got it back, thank God, and here it is.

If you are one of my regular customers, please print this out and post it in your neighborhood this weekend.


Isn't this an awesome poster. If you see me in my van, It will posted there until I have the keys to my hot little truck in my sweet little hands. :o)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Benefit Promotion Flyer Finished Ready to Distribute this weekend.

I just finished editing the flyer to pass out in my "ice cream neighborhoods" this weekend.

If you live nearby or live in one of my neighborhoods and want to help us, please contact me by subscribing to this blog or sending me a message on facebook.

Here is screenshots of both sides of the flyer.

    Click Here to download the flyer as a PDF file (Updated on Feb 6, 2012, this is the first issue of The Blue Jeans Ice Cream Times)

A sample of the most recent edit of the Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck Times can be downloaded here..
   That's the latest edit, I will be polishing it up and sending it to the printer by Sunday Evening so you still have time to make a donation for the raffle and get your businesses free advertisement in the issue before the benefit. Just send me an email or message me on facebook.

Hope to see you all Monday night.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just finished editing the Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck Times, 1st Edition!

I have been updating the first issue of the BJICTimes. I am still waiting on promotion pieces from two different sources before I can finish the flyer.

You can read all the details at my Facebook page here.

Below is a sample of the newsletter you can download and print out as a pdf. If you have any experience in creating ads, both classifieds or display ads, please subscribe or friend me on Facebook and let me know, I can sure use some help in that department.

I am inserting some screenshots
of the four pages two.

and the middle pages:

Here is the link to download the current sample.

See ya at the benefit, would love to have your comments.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tacoma Weekly Newspaper Does an Awesome Job of Writing And Helping Promote Benefit, FrontPage Coverage News Story

I am to say it from my heart, tickled pink tonight.

I can't believe what an awesome job Dave Hardt did with in putting together the article in this week's issue of "The Tacoma Weekly" newspaper.

You can read the whole article on their website, but that website  doesn't do justice to how wonderful it looks in print.

I scanned it in, but had to do it in three segments because it basically almost covers the front page of their paper. How awesome is that!

I love they way they used a fudge bar and the pink and brown coloring, highlighting a box with the details for the benefit right in the middle of the page.

This article is going to help me so much in promoting the upcoming benefit. I am going around to businesses to get gift cards, gift certificates, etc. donated to be raffled off. The biggest problem I am running into right now is keeping gas in my vehicle. It is really tough in the winters any how but especially at this time of the month. So even if you could only make a 5 or 10 dollar donation through paypal, it would really help with my promotion operating costs. Thanks in advance. Here is the link:

Again, every little bit helps. It takes $1.33 for me to get a buck on my paypal debit card, so anything above that much is greatly appreciated and needed right now.

Awesome article, about what happened and the benefit!
So here is that really cool photograph I referred to above, and you can go to the page above for the most recent updates on benefit news.

If you want to purchase a website link ad, or a business ad for the newsletter/newspaper, you can download a sample of the work in progress here.(This is an actual PDF file of the newsletter) (edited on Feb 1, with the most up to date sample)

I will be creating another post to explain more about this in the next few evenings.

It is a as of now 4 page newsletter that will have ads in it, plus an activity page for the kids.

I will be distributing it off of my truck once I get one back on the road, but the first page is going to be handed out at the benefit, and will have all the businesses who have donated or contributed in any little way within it, in some type of advertisement.

So if you own a business or a website and want some publicity please contact me, either through facebook, a comment here, or subscribe by email and send my your details.

Til next time,
PS. I can still use help from those who only have time to donate as well. Just get a hold of me and let me know you want to help.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I do approve of me, I do I do I do One of My Great Ice Cream Days

 A Journal Entry  August 31-2009  Posted  Jan 14, 2012 here to share how much joy my truck brought to me on a daily basis.
(Author comment-- This comes from a person who has struggled with low self esteem and worth issues most of her 50+ years of life)

Yesterday I was SOOOO happy while driving my ice cream truck.

It was awesome. I wrote this journal entry in my mind while I was trucking across Pierce County between my two favorite places to sell ice cream.

That is a dangerous thing for me to do. WRITE a journal entry in my mind. Because when I do, then I never get around to actually SITTING at the computer and doing it. I just IMAGINE it and it feels as good as if I have actually written it.  I like to keep track on paper of these awesome experiences, so I don’t want to just write them in my mind.

:o) I have already done that a few too many times this summer.

Anyhow, I took a vacation the first week of August and went to visit family in Montana. I had planned it all summer, but the vacation including the few days before I left was so full of unwanted events, and really rotten feelings. This was supposed to be a vacation and be a happy time, it really gave me some things to ponder, the way it all turned out.

I couldn't understand why  it happened the way it did. 

Looking back I realize now I must have had a lot of unconscious resistance that I am not even aware of regarding being around my family that reared its ugly head in different events that happened during this time.

That is all I am going to say about that vacation. It is past, over and now on to the GOOD and BETTER stuff.

I have a stereo in my little Cushman truck with the speakers right up next to my head, swivel ones on each side so I can groove to my own thing while I play my music on the inside of the truck, while the hypnotizing ice cream truck music on the outside plays to lure the customers outside. This stereo, and these little speakers have made this summer so gloriously fun.

I listen to my favorite uplifting  music, or audio book, while I drive down the street finding young kids as well as old ones, :0) standing on the edge of the street waving their dollars,  fives and tens waiting to give them to me. 

It doesn't get much better than that.

Yesterday, a glorious 75 degree, no cloud in the sky--sunny Sunday afternoon, was about as good as it can get. I LOVE Sundays it is really easy to catch most people home.

Anyways I was listening to the new CD, and loving my job.

Despite the fact that some of the events during the previous month's vacation left my cash flow less than I usually like or feel comfortable with.

I stopped at a yard sale and was telling the folks how I feel abundant and prosperous as long as I have ice cream in my truck, no matter how few bucks are in my wallet, because I am only an hour or so away of driving to change the situation in my wallet.

It is such a freeing, powerful and wonderful feeling.

I found two really cute little owl knickknacks, (which I have begun collecting rapidly this summer.) While telling them I collect owls, they went inside and brought out these two cute little jewelry pieces, and I don't have any owl jewelry yet so that was just awesome.

August isn't the best month for ice cream drivers, mom's hold back because of back to school and maybe people just get burned out on us, but I wasn't letting that sway my mood at all.

There is a lot of competition here in Tacoma. I have found a way to think that doesn't let that upset me either. If I see another truck has gone through a neighborhood ahead of me, I have the attitudes of,

"thanks for paving the way for me, I will pick up the ones that you missed"

or if I see someone already eating ice cream....

"YES, it definitely is an ICE CREAM eating day, now isn't it.

Those are the things that I say to myself.

I have found a few spots where I seem to not run into others and have some pretty steady and loyal customers.

I was finishing one of those spots yesterday, when another truck was going the opposite direction, we actually passed each other. I finished that area anyhow, and one of my regular customers, bought from me even though they had just bought from her as well.

That happened again in the next Cul de sac, now if that isn't customer loyalty, that gave me a great big feeling of "I approve of me".......

I have been so busy driving, because of the wonderful weather, that I haven't had a chance to take the kids school shopping. Oh and it has been a balancing act, paying down bills and keeping the ice cream truck stocked.

So as I was driving across the county as I mentioned above, I decided to take the earliest part of Monday off, no matter how much I sold today, (Sunday} and take the kids school shopping.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute they start school on Tuesday.

I stopped and picked up a few groceries on the way home, and am starting the day out this morning making them a delicious bacon and egg breakfast, (yes I  did bring home the bacon last night :o) and out we go.

I plan on writing a book this winter, titled something like, "101 Life Lessons Learned by An Ice Cream Lady" or something similar to that. I already have my chapter titles more than half way completed.

Despite some problems in the bill department, life has been really good, and it is all because of my shift in the way I look at my thoughts.

I so got a new quote from the new CD I was listening to, "Beliefs are just thoughts that you keep thinking! You can change them by thinking different thoughts.”

I should have written this journal entry out in writing before writing it in my mind, it was so much more entertaining to me as I thought it in my mind  zooming down Spanaway Loop Road yesterday at 40 miles an hour in my little 3 wheeler.
Wheeee....... I do approve of me, I do I do I do......