Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve, 2011 Tacoma News Tribune Masthead, My Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck, Thank You!

Here is a photo of the front page mast head of the News Tribune's copy of the day they published the story about my missing ice cream truck.

In the new year I am focusing on positive thoughts and vibrations, because I have always believed what we think we achieve and if I think negative stuff only more of that will come to me.

This  belief habit I have worked so hard to achieve kind of ran away from me last week along with my missing stolen truck.

Starting right now, today, I am creating and sending thank you and appreciation to all who have and are continuing to help me spread the word, pictures and news.

This is the part you can't see at the story page on my article.

You can click on the photo to see a larger image. :o) Don't do that if you have low Ram on your computer, this is a large image, I am so grateful for the coverage they put.

There is actually a humorous story behind all this. I went to the store to grab a copy Saturday morning. Janet Jensen, the kind sweet photographer had emailed me telling me my story was slated to be on page A3 on Saturday.

I grabbed the paper before I even looked at it and opened it to the 3rd page. It wasn't until a friend called me and asked me if I had seen the paper yet, that I realized that I was in the masthead as well as the nice article on the third page. LOL.

I am trying and doing a pretty good job of keeping my spirits up, by focusing on what is still good and what I can do.

Kindest regards to all, and please leave your comments and subscribe.


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