Are you one of my regular customers who want to help me get back on the road?

Don't live here but would like to support Laurie getting back on the road, and help some of the poorer kids in Pierce County? 

This is a radically altered version of what it will sort of look like, measures taken to avoid creative counterfit measures by kids with too much time on their hands. :o) It probably isn't even necessary because each one will be fully personalized by Laurie Meade.

Order your own personalized prepaid punch card for 15 dollars. It has 15 spots to be punched valued at 1 dollar each, and it will be mailed to you free of charge if you order online.

You can send me an email of a photo you want embedded in your card, they are each personalized with your details, name, etc.. and you can buy as many as you like.

  • Make great birthday, easter, valentines day gifts. Rewards for great work or behaviour at school. 
  • Better way to make sure you always have "change or funds" for Laurie's truck when she comes by.
  • Laurie will have a list of addresses of pppcard owners, and guarantees to come by every neighborhood where someone owns one at least once a week. (but if you are one of her regulars, you know she comes by more often than that.)
  • She will also have an email and mail address of each pppcard owner and will send out an announcement to keep you updated on how long it will be till her new truck is ready to go!
  • Help your favorite ice cream lady get back on the road.
  • Don't live around here, but want to help Laurie, and help out some of the poorer kids in some of her neighborhoods. Donate a few cards to be given away through coloring contests through her website, or at Laurie's discretion. (she will give a few to the kids who never seem to have money for ice cream)

    Paypal fees have been added to each amount so the funds to get her truck can be added easily. Laurie is going to add the shipping costs herself. A growing amount image will be created at the bottom of this page to show how pppcard purchases are helping the benefit amount grow!

Quantity of Prepaid Punch Cards Wanted
Add personalized text for card

Once you have purchased your card, Laurie will reply and let you know where to send an email with a photo if you choose to have that put on your card. Same thing if you are donating some cards. You can specify how you want them distributed.

The personalized text is for you to say something special, like "Happy Birthday Sarah" or "Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart" etc..