Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tacoma Weekly Newspaper Does an Awesome Job of Writing And Helping Promote Benefit, FrontPage Coverage News Story

I am to say it from my heart, tickled pink tonight.

I can't believe what an awesome job Dave Hardt did with in putting together the article in this week's issue of "The Tacoma Weekly" newspaper.

You can read the whole article on their website, but that website  doesn't do justice to how wonderful it looks in print.

I scanned it in, but had to do it in three segments because it basically almost covers the front page of their paper. How awesome is that!

I love they way they used a fudge bar and the pink and brown coloring, highlighting a box with the details for the benefit right in the middle of the page.

This article is going to help me so much in promoting the upcoming benefit. I am going around to businesses to get gift cards, gift certificates, etc. donated to be raffled off. The biggest problem I am running into right now is keeping gas in my vehicle. It is really tough in the winters any how but especially at this time of the month. So even if you could only make a 5 or 10 dollar donation through paypal, it would really help with my promotion operating costs. Thanks in advance. Here is the link:

Again, every little bit helps. It takes $1.33 for me to get a buck on my paypal debit card, so anything above that much is greatly appreciated and needed right now.

Awesome article, about what happened and the benefit!
So here is that really cool photograph I referred to above, and you can go to the page above for the most recent updates on benefit news.

If you want to purchase a website link ad, or a business ad for the newsletter/newspaper, you can download a sample of the work in progress here.(This is an actual PDF file of the newsletter) (edited on Feb 1, with the most up to date sample)

I will be creating another post to explain more about this in the next few evenings.

It is a as of now 4 page newsletter that will have ads in it, plus an activity page for the kids.

I will be distributing it off of my truck once I get one back on the road, but the first page is going to be handed out at the benefit, and will have all the businesses who have donated or contributed in any little way within it, in some type of advertisement.

So if you own a business or a website and want some publicity please contact me, either through facebook, a comment here, or subscribe by email and send my your details.

Til next time,
PS. I can still use help from those who only have time to donate as well. Just get a hold of me and let me know you want to help.

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