Friday, December 30, 2011

Help Find Stolen Colorful Blue Jean Lady's Ice Cream Truck

A 55 year old single mom of 3, on disability, who uses her uniquely painted Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck to stretch the family income, did a double take when she went out to her driveway the day after Christmas. Someone had stolen her 3 wheel Cushman scooter, right out of her driveway. Owner of the Cushman Scooter, Laurie Meade, said she was just shocked and flabergasted that someone could do such a thing to her family, and especially on Christmas night.

Laurie lives in Parkland WA, a suburb south of Tacoma, WA. She decided to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to get the attention of the media, so that as many people as possible will keep their eyes open for her Blue Jean's Ice Cream Truck.

Happening sometime within the wee hours of Christmas night, Laurie says that it would of had to been pushed, or the battery jumped, or they must of put it on a trailer or pulled it away. She is just totally panicked about how her family will survive without that truck come this spring.

She can do the ice cream truck, because she is her own boss, sets her own hours and can slow down when she isn't feeling good.  She is not a morning person, because the medications she is on really sedate her and make it hard to get going. The ice cream starts in the afternoon, working out very well. It also lifts her spirits, because she really enjoys being outdoors, seeing the kids and beautifully landscaped yards and nature as she drives her ice cream truck.

Laurie bought her truck in 2008, paid $6,000 for it. She painted it to look unique to make it easier for her customers to know it was her coming down the street and not her competitors. The front and speaker are painted gold, and the truck itself painted in a texture to look like blue jeans.

She scanned the stickers and framed them to make them look like blue jean hip pockets. She even had a blue jean covered bench seat in the cab.

Her goal to attract attention to the news media using facebook, twitter and youtube is working.,0,5229833.story

Q 13 in Seattle was the first to release the story, The Tacoma News Tribune is going to run an article in Saturday, December 31, 2011 issue.

Laurie believes that the more people she can get to like and read her Facebook page at:
the better chance she will have of getting it back. If they don't live nearby at least they can say a prayer for us. Who knows what this thief's intent is or was, he could be taking it out of the city or state for all she knows, she said.

She just can't imagine what the thief's motives or thoughts were in doing this, and she wants everybody to know how important it is to recover it.

The public is being asked to call Crime Stoppers of Tacoma/Pierce County at 1-800-222-TIPS if the ice cream truck is spotted.

David Rose, a reporter at said if it isn't found by next weekend, he will run it on their Washington's Most Wanted show. He is determined to help Laurie find her uniquely colored Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck.

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