Monday, January 2, 2012

I created a design for a sweatshirt or tshirt.

It seems like lots of businesses especially corporate ones have policies about putting up flyers. So I created a design to print out an eye catching poster, that I am going to make into a transfer for a sweatshirt.

I will be adding a file that you can print out that has business card, and index card sizes of the important websites and the CrimeStoppers information.

 It is extra large and made at a high resolution, I apologize if it caused the page to load slow, but those are needed to get a good printout.

Here is the same image without the border in case you want to spruce it up with your own comments.

I plan on printing out a bunch of these and handing them out to anyone who comments on my sweatshirt. You could do the same if  you live here in Pierce County to help me out. Or just print out the buisness or index card info and give them out to people you know.

Again, thanks for all your help.

 God Bless you all..

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